TV Booster SLX Gold 4 Way Signal Distribution Amplifier with 4G Filter DAB FM


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The SLx Gold range of aerial amplifiers from Philex is designed to improve picture and sound quality by amplifying weak UHF, VHF, DAB and FM radio signals and distributing the signal to multiple locations around the home. The SLxG range can also be used to distribute Digital Television and Sky™/ Sky+™ Sky+HD™ signals around the home without loss of signal strength. All SLxG amplifiers have an integrated by-pass designed to allow the user to control digital satellite receivers from a remote TV without additional equipment apart from a Link device and a digital satellite or compatible universal remote control. Designed with style, sophistication and quality in mind, the SLx Gold range is the preferred choice for both the professional aerial installer and the home user wanting to get the very best performance from their AV equipment.

Special features include:

  • Unlike standard amplifiers SLx Gold’s flat gain response across full frequency spectrum ensures optimum digital reception
  • 4G Ready – built-in filter removes interference and channel loss caused by 4G mobile phone signals
  • Dedicated inputs for UHF and FM/DAB
  • Side mounted terminals provide easy cable management
  • Infra-red by-pass for digilinks
  • Surge protection
  • F connector Sockets for tighter more reliable connections

Please note no standard TV booster is compatible with Sky Q, so will not work with it. For all other Sky boxes please check the back to make sure you have an RF2 output, it will not work without one.

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