Signal Amplifier In-Line Sky Satellite Booster +Cable for Loss on Long Cable Run


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 In-Line Satellite Amplifier Booster and Patch Lead (no need to fit f connectors)

What is it for?

The amplifier is specifically designed to boost signal for long cable runs. It gives a variable boost to higher frequencies (which suffer most on longer cable runs) but does not over amplify low frequencies, so you will not experience problems caused by over boosting the signal.

The amplifier simply sits in line on the cable between the sky dish and receiver and the LNB switching voltage is used to power it (no need for a separate power supply).

Technical Data 

The LNB switching voltage is used as a supply for the amplifier.
In-line amplifier with slope function 13/18dB Frequency Range: 950 – 2300 MHz
Gain: 950MHz: 13dB, 2300MHz: 18dB
Max. output: 100dBuV

Additional information

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