Satellite TV Coaxial Cable 30m Webro WF100 + 2 F Connectors CT100 Copper Core


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30m Webro WF100 Satellite Cable (CT100 Equivalent)

Black cable only.

The is the best cable for the following installations:-

  • Sky (including magic eyes on long runs)
  • Freesat
  • Virgin and all other cable
  • Freeview TV (coax connectors needed)

Technical specification

  • CAI Benchmarked for digital TV
  • 1mm solid copper conductor
  • 80 x 0.12mm bare copper braid
  • Foam dielectric
  • Copper foil shielding
  • PVC Sheath
  • Overall diameter 6.4mm
  • Nominal attenuation @ 1000MHz = 20.77dB
  • 75 Ohm

What is it?

This is the industry benchmark cable,the one installers insist on!

Extremely low loss cable suitable for runs up to 60m.

Comes with 2 unfitted F Connectors to enable you to cut cable to length before fitting.

If you have spent a fortune on your equipment, don’t scrimp on the cable!

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