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– Frequency range Input 1 VHF/UHF: 5 – 860 MHz
– Frequency range Input 2 SAT: 950 – 2250 MHz
– DC Power pass on input 2

This bi-directional 2 way TV/satellite diplexer and combiner can be used to combine TV and satellite into one cable run, or to separate them back out again into two cables. With clever use of a diplexer/combiner you can save yourself from having to drill holes in walls, lift floorboards or damage the decoration.

For example, if you wish to add a satellite feed and you already have a TV coax in place then you only need to run a cable from your dish to this splitter/combiner which could be located in the attic, and then use another splitter/combiner to separate the feeds back out again in your living room.  The dc power pass on the satellite connection enables the LNB to be powered in the usual way

If you use a distribution amplifier for your TV signals, then it is important to place the combiner after the output from the amplifier to the room you wish to serve with satellite, and not try to feed satellite signals through the TV amplifier. The TV amplifier will block the satellite signal, and will not in any case allow you to distribute the feed from the dish to more than one satellite receiver. For Satellite distribution you require either a dual/quad LNB, or a multiswitch with a quattro LNB.

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