Satellite Tripod,Satfinder and Sky Dish Full DIY Kit for Caravan 10m Cable


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Tripod and satellite dish with twin LNB

This set up is suitable for all of the following applications:-

  • Sky plus receiver
  • Sky HD receiver
  • Standard Sky receiver (2 standard receivers can be used at the same time)
  • Freesat receiver (not freeview)

What’s Included?

  • Very Sturdy Tripod
  • 43cm Zone 1 Dish with twin LNB
  • Satfinder and patch lead
  • 10m Cable with fitted connectors
  • U-Clamp for attaching dish to tripod


The Tripod

This lightweight and very stable tripod is suitable for dishes up to 100 cm and comes with three tent pins for extra anchorage.

The dish is simply mounted to the rotating head. With the special knob the head can be fixed when the dish is aligned to the correct satellite.

  • max. height pole approx 90 cm.
  • max. width standing ground approx 55 cm.
  • 3 adjustable heights

Due to its extremely low standing position,tent pegs and centre of gravity, it will not be blown away.

Please note the tripod may be either black or silver depending on current stock (we can not offer a choice sorry)

The Dish

This is a high quality 43cm Raven Mk4 Sky Dish which is used in all standard Sky installations and comes with :-

  • A twin LNB (suitable for all sky installations including sky plus,hd or standard installation)
  • Universal Pole Bracket
  • Assembly Instructions with a link to set up instructions (finding the Sky satellite)

Perfect for All UK except Northern Scotland

Also included 

Satellite Finder and patch cable

Please note the cable supplied is suitable for a standard sky installation.

for sky plus and hd cable see our shop

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