SAC 3 Way Outdoor TV Aerial Signal Splitter DC Pass Freeview UHF DAB A1053 NEW


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SAC Inductive 3-Way Waterproof TV Aerial Signal Splitter (DC Pass)

  • Allows 3 TVs or radios to be run from 1 aerial
  • Rugged and reliable external or indoor unit that splits the signal from a TV, DAB or FM aerial.
  • Ideal for Digital Freeview or Analogue reception
  • One ‘high’ output (for longer cable runs)
  • DC through pass allows a mast-head amplifier to be used.
  • Traditional screw terminal connections and braid clamp for Reliability
  • Average insertion loss: 3.2dB

This is the industry standard external splitter, perfect to send your signal from your aerial to 3 locations.

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