One For All SV9215 Digital Ultra Flat 4G Indoor TV or DAB Aerial HD Antenna


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This SV9215 indoor aerial from the industry leading One For All brand has a unique slim line design and construction for easy hiding behind a flat panel television or cabinet, perfect indoor aerial for the home or caravan. . The integrated patented Patch technology guarantees best omni directional reception of DVB-T television and DAB radio signals.

This aerial has a unique 3G/4G block-filter to block intererence from all 3G and 4G mobile phone signals, to ensure the best possible reception, now and in the future.

Best of all the aerial has a very wide angle of 360 degrees, and therefore does not need very precise adjustment like with a loop aerial. Also the single patch type eliminates the need for vertical placement for vertical broadcasting.

Main features:-

  • The super skinny One For All SV9215 indoor antenna is only 4mm thick  for easy hiding behind a flat panel television or cabinet.
  • Patented microcontroller technology strengthens the signal by up to 41dB and guarantees best omni directional reception.
  • Compatible with both Freeview and Freeview HD signals and DAB ( (DVB-T compatible and DAB).
  • Wideband antenna for reception of all digital channels. Minimal interference by the included filters.
  • 4 meter coaxial cable included. Power via DVBT receiver or via included AC/DC adaptor. Easy to use.
  • Thanks to 360° reception the SV9215 works properly in any position

Obviously without being there it is impossible for us to tell you the best place for the aerial but in the unlikely event that the reception quality of your Flat HD Indoor Aerial is not satisfactory:

  • Reposition the aerial (closer to the window) until the reception is satisfactory.
  • Do not place the aerial behind a metal object (i.e. radiator, mirror (placing behind TV is ok)) to avoid interference (metal blocks both TV and radio signals).
  • Check the digital TV coverage in your area:
    • Find information on your domestic digital TV website
    • Check how many stations you can expect
    • Does it cover your exact location?

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