Maxview Sky Q LNB for Precision, Crank Up, Remora 40 Manual Dish Adaptor


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This Wideband LNB is all you need to convert your existing manual Maxview dish from Sky Plus or Sky HD reception to receive Sky Q (with your Sky Q receiver from home), as it is a direct replacement for the current LNB and retro fits to the 40mm LNB holder fitted to manual systems.

Please not that once the Sky Q LNB is fitted the dish will only receive Sky Q broadcasts and will not work with standard receivers.

This will not fit a standard Sky dish only .


Application: For use with Sky Q™ receivers
Compatibility: Compatible with Maxview Crank Up, Precision, Remora 40 and most older manual
Not compatible with any Maxview Automatic Satellite systems (Target, Seeker, Connect)
You will need 2 x LNB Cables (TWIN) from your system to the SKY receiver (no change if you have Sky Plus or HD set up already).
Mount Type: 40mm collar for most standard LNB Holders (not compatible for Domestic Household SKY™ Dishes)
Power: Passive. LNB powered through Coaxial cable from satellite receiver. No separate power supply required
Technical Data: LO: 10.41 GHz
Input Frequency: 10.7 -12.75 GHz
Output Frequency: 290-2340 MHz
Noise Figure: 1.0 dB Max


Wide Band LNB
2 Rubber Boots

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