LNB Adapter Icecrypt for Sky Satellite Dish mk4 Zone 1 or Zone 2 Bracket Clip


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Icecrypt LNB Adapter Clip for Sky Satellite Dish mk4

  • Converts the Sky Satellite dish Mk4 so it can be used with any standard universal 40mm LNB
  • Allows better quality reception on non-UK channels
  • Quick and easy to install

What does this LNB Adapter Clip do?
This Adapter will facilitate the use of any standard universal 40mm LNB with the latest style Sky Mk4 satellite dish (Zone 1 or Zone 2) which has been used since 2009.

If you need to replace the existing LNB for a universal LNB you will need to use this adapter as a Sky LNB has a smaller collar which is not standard, so if using a universal LNB this adapter will keep the LNB in place.

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