Caravan Aerial 360° Motorised TV + DAB 2 Way Digital Freeview Boat Motorhome HD


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Incredible value remote control active DVB-T aerial kit ideal for use on boats, caravans and mobile homes.

The kit comprises an easy to handle plasticised aerial with 8 m built-in coax lead and a mast rotator, base unit with two TV outputs, PSU and remote control. The unit can rotate through 360 degrees and is controlled from the remote provided.


How does it work?

One person setup by pressing either of the two buttons on the remote control handset will cause the aerial to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise. Alternatively, press the “ROTATING” button on the control unit. To make the aerial rotate in the opposite direction, release the button and press it again. Using the control buttons rotate the aerial until it receives the best signal, it’s that simple, no more shouting at each other!


This aerial is intended for use with analogue and digital television receivers in Band II,III, IV and V (88MHz to 860MHz), covering the VHF and DAB radio and UHF television bands.


This is a wideband aerial, so can be used whenever Group A, Group B, Group CD, or Group W aerials are specified.

Product details


·         Ideal for Boats, Caravans and Mobile Homes

·         2 TV outputs

·         360 Degree Rotation via Remote Control

·         Easy to Install (30-40mm pole required,not included,)

·         Supplied with 230-12 V AC Power Supply

·         Product Dimensions (mm): 350x615x115

·         Net weight (kg): 2.59

·         Bandwidth : 47-230 MHz & 470-862 MHz

·         Colour: Grey/White

·         Gain (dB): 38

·         Impedance (Ohms) : 75

·         Power Input: 230V 3.6W


Operating instructions

1.Attach the aerial to a mast of between 30 mm and 40 mm diameter (not supplied). Make sure that there is a space of at least 500 mm around the mast for the aerial to rotate.

2. Extend the telescopic antenna if VHF radio reception is required.

3. Connect the aerial to the “antenna” socket on the control unit, making sure that the cable is not fixed so tightly that it prevents the aerial from rotating.

4. Connect the television or radio to either of the “TV” sockets on the control unit.

5. Plug the 230V AC power supply into a 13A socket, and connect its output lead to the 12V AC input socket on the control unit. The 230V AC power supply must be located indoors.

Note: This appliance will not work from a 12V DC supply

Additional information

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