10m White Twin Satellite Shotgun Cable Sky Plus,Sky HD or Foxsat HDR Wire NEW


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 Twin Shotgun Satellite Coaxial Cable

What’s included

·     Twin shotgun satellite cable

·     4 F connectors (not fitted so you can cut to your required length)

·     10 cable clips

Suitable for

·      Sky Plus

·      Sky Plus HD

·      All Freesat recorders inc Foxsat HDR Grundig, Goodmans, Sagem etc.

This is two cables moulded together (shotgun) to a diameter of just 9.6mm total, making it ideal for passing through a 10mm hole used by most standard single cable installations. The two cables whilst moulded can be split at the ends for more flexibility.


Inner Conductor: 0.65mm ccs
Dielectric: Foam
Dielectric OD: 2.9mm
Screen: Aluminium Foil
Braid: Copper

Outer Conductor OD: 3.5mm
Sheathing Material: PVC
Sheath OD: 9.5mm
Colour: white
Min Setting Radius: 25mm
Max Tensile Strength: 12.5 N

Additional information

Weight 1.00 kg
Dimensions 27 x 23 x 4 cm



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